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The True Test  that tells one what a bird dog trainer is about are the stories of his customer's and their dogs.

Ben and Kyle's record of wins is a very long list and contains many of the truly great Brittanys that make up the foundation of the breed and can be still seen in the pedigrees of many of the great dogs today. 

foremost among Ben's achievements is the number of Amateur Champions trained by him and handled to wins and placements at the National Brittany All-Age and Gun Dog Championship by their owners.

Many of these now well known champions were "just another puppy in a litter". Some were "written off" by others, both owners and trainers. Brought along by Ben's consistent and quiet way they found their way to the top of their peers.

Here are some of their stories, some told secondhand, and others told by their owners. Click on a photo below for their story (under construction)

Hi Scor Jac D Ruffian
Just Call Me Roy
Keystone's Part of the Plan
Walker's Gunner
Ray's Pride of Coos