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Bird Dog Training

Whether you want a dog for hunting or competitions we offer a complete training program.

  • Basic Field Obedience
  • Handling
  • Introduction to Bird Work
  • Breaking to wing
  • Breaking to shot
  • Physical Conditioning

Field Trialing Training and Campaigning

Field trial trained dogs are supposed to represent the best of what bird dogs can offer. We provide all of the essentials of bird dog training plus take our dogs to field trials where we hone their skills with actual first hand experience.

We will NOT campaign your dog just to "keep him on the string". We understand that you want results for your investment and we will not intentionally disappoint you by entering a dog into a trial / stake that we know has no chance of winning or placing.

We also recognize that, in the field, the  reputation that your dog builds is important so your dog should be ready and capable of putting on a good showing.

Ultimately a training program should provide what is best for the dog. Each dog is different and requires a tailormade program. We adhere to a SMART program

Specific training regimines for specific results.
Meaningful exercises taylored to your dog and their place in their program.
Attainable expectations
Reasonable timeframes for each dog and their place in their training program and
Tangible results

Our success means your dog's success.